Board Meeting – 28 February 2013

The next board meeting will take place on Thursday 28 February 2013 from 10.15am to 1pm at NHS North West, 3rd Floor, 3 Piccadilly Place, Manchester, M1 3BN.

If you would like to attend, please register your interest as places are limited. If demand is high, an overflow room will be available where people can watch the live stream of the meeting.

Please contact, by 4pm on Wednesday 27 February 2013.

Please note that members of the public are welcome to attend meetings of the Board – which although being held in public are not public meetings. Questions submitted via this website won’t be passed on for discussion at Board meetings but will receive a response.

The board meeting will be broadcast live as part of our commitment to make information as accessible as possible.  The livestream is best viewed in FirefoxGoogle Chrome or Internet Explorer 8 and 9 with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. You may experience issues viewing this content in Internet Explorer 6 and 7.  The live broadcast will be added to our livestream page on the date of the board meeting.

A separate recording of each agenda item will then be published on YouTube in the following few days.

Board papers


  1. Mary E Hoult says:

    To-morrow is perhaps the most important day in the history of the NHS Commissioning Board don’t let it be lost in the public outcry.Focus on what is possible in the current situation,remember all the Communication Leads in Acute Trusts are watching as to how they can continue in their roles!!!!No one should be above the system of accountability.

  2. Mary E Hoult says:

    I do not believe that the NHS leadership does listen to the patients voice,a lot of what goes on is lip service which is why things continue to be problematic.Who has heard the various concerns I have raised over many years?about (17) on behalf of patients.
    I did have a visit to my home from a senior member of the commissioning board who was very caring but people change roles so often my concerns got lost in the changes.We the patients don’t expect very much,even delays in our care are accepted but you have to draw the line when after these delays you turn up for your appointment to find someone has cancelled it!!!! The NHS is a large organisation
    which for the most part try’s it’s best but often that is not good enough.I have attended some of the Commissioning Board meeting and until the various members are prepared to hear the patient voice the NHS will continue to have Mid Staffordshire situations.