Offender health care IT services: Operating model published

The NHS Commissioning Board (NHS CB) has today published a document setting out how the management of IT systems will be organised for offender health care from April 2013.

Securing Excellence in IT Services Operating model for offender health care provides a system which ensures the safe transfer of offender health IT from primary care trusts (PCTs) to the NHS CB so there is clarity for all stakeholders, safety for patients and business continuity for the NHS.

It follows the recent publication of other IT services operating models including Securing Excellence in GP IT Services and Securing Excellence in Primary Care IT Services

PCTs have led on the local implementation of the national clinical IT system for offender healthcare, including the provision of associated local infrastructure (hardware and local network services); support such as training and helpdesk provision; and assuring the use of national IT services. The safe transfer of these functions into the new commissioning system is highly important to ensure business continuity.

The NHS CB becomes accountable for delivery of offender healthcare on 1 April 2013. We are publishing the operating model now to enable further key steps in the implementation of the new system to ensure delivery by April 2013, such as continued work developing service specifications with IT delivery organisations and the development of standard operating procedures and processes across service providers.

The new arrangements as described in the operating model will be kept under review. The NHS CB will ensure they are achieving what they are designed to do within the context of the emerging commissioning system.