Patient-led assessments of the care environment (PLACE)

Today Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer for England, has written to NHS leaders introducing the new system for assessing the quality of the hospital environment from April 2013.  Patient-led assessments of the care environment (PLACE) is the new system for assessing the quality of the hospital environment, which replaces Patient Environment Action Team (PEAT) inspections from April 2013. PLACE assessments will apply to all hospitals delivering NHS-funded care, including day treatment centres and hospices.

PLACE assessments put patient views at the centre of the assessment process, and use information gleaned directly from patient assessors to report how well a hospital is performing in the areas assessed – privacy and dignity, cleanliness, food and general building maintenance. It focuses entirely on the care environment and does not cover clinical care provision or staff behaviours.

The assessments will be undertaken annually, and results will be reported publicly to help drive improvements in the care environment. The results will show how hospitals are performing nationally.

Most importantly, patients and their representatives will make up at least 50 per cent of the assessment team, which will give them the opportunity to drive developments in the health services they receive locally.

For more information you can read the letter in full (the letter is now available on our archived website).


  1. LYNNE HEAL says:

    I am a patient with MS and want UK NHS to help us all alot more. Have had to fly out of UK sell our home and loose 70 thousand pounds in the process because our NHS wont help us have CCSVI the new way forward worldwide for MS , involves unblocking our veins and valves in our necks which is a very easy procedure to do and very undangerous also.I had nother procedure via NHS bladder botox at the time given to me NOT clinically trialled yet given and nearly died 2 weeeks after. SO to deny CCSVI makes no sens ewhat so ever.Neurologists and many more are against becaus etoo many have cosy relationships with pharmas on MS drugs. NO MS drug will cure us ever . Too many have shares and commissions on too. Its an absolute disgrace whats going on with MS and too many are unaware of whats really going on .