NHS Commissioning Board appoints new Director of Patient Experience

The NHS Commissioning Board has appointed Neil Churchill as the Director of Patient Experience (Domain 4). In this new and exciting role, Neil will ensure that improving patient experience is at the heart of the system, providing leadership for patient experience across the NHS and taking leadership responsibility for improvement of domain four of the NHS outcomes framework, patient experience.

At present, Neil is the Chief Executive of Asthma UK and is a Non-Executive Director in NHS South of England. He has over 25 years’ experience of working in the voluntary sector at organisations like Barnardo’s, Age Concern and Crisis, and a member of the Richmond Group of major health charities.

Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer said: “I am very pleased about the appointment of Neil Churchill. Neil will be joining the nursing directorate in the NHS Commissioning Board as the Director of Patient Experience. He has a fantastic amount of experience to bring to this critical role and will be a great addition to the skilled and experienced staff we currently have. Neil will be leading on one of the five key domains of the Outcomes Framework which are intended to improve outcomes for our patients and ensure we are truly focused on improving the experience of those we care for. I am really looking forward to welcoming Neil into the team and working together on this important priority.”

On accepting the role, Neil said: “I am delighted to be joining the NHS Commissioning Board at this time of change, when there is real commitment and drive to put the patient at the centre of decision-making. We need to make sure that every patient receives safe, compassionate care but we also have the opportunity to forge a new partnership with patients which can improve productivity as well as health outcomes.”


  1. James Edwards says:

    Congratulations to Mr Churchill; I am sure that his recent work and experience will equip him well to look at Patient Experience for all patients, not just those recognised as requiring funding by the Government. As a long term sufferer from a number of severe chronic respitatory illnesses, some of us feel like the ‘forgotten few’.

    • Neil Churchill says:

      Shall certainly not be forgetting my background and interest in respiratory health!

      • Ian Bullock says:

        Congrautaltions on your appointment Neil
        we met at the RCP recently. Very interested to meet ASAP to explore how we can support ‘improving patient experience’. We produced the NICE guidance and Quality Standard and have been waiting for this (your) appointment for the last six months to ensure the network we have established is utilised and supportive in your targeted work. I look forward to hearing from you, Ian.

  2. John Martin says:

    Mr Churchill will need to ensure that Patients are at really at the centre of decision making. How will he ensure Local Heathwatch is truly represented at Local Area level of the NHSCB. I.E. a seat on the Quality Surveillance Teams both Nationally and Locally. With service contracts being spread throughout Local Area Teams and Local authority’s Public Health it is essential Patient Groups are truly represented at grassroots level i.e. PPG’s through to Healthwatch.

    • Neil Churchill says:

      Have my first meeting with HealthWatch very soon so shall explore how we can work well together, including at local area team level

  3. Lawrie Nerva says:

    Important that Neil Churchill will be free to report upwards if he sees reasons why
    patient care is being adversely affected.

  4. Nick Welch says:

    May be Mr Churchill will consider opening a register of Patient Liaison/Patient Participation Groups. Not only would that give him access to a wide range of patients through a nominated correspondent, but would open a channel of communication for patients to voice their concerns. I ask the question as Chair of my local GP Group and of a National Association’s PLG.

    • Neil Churchill says:

      Thanks Nick. Just come across these posts. This is a good idea and I’ll look into it