Videos of the Board meeting held on 28 February 2013

The board meeting was broadcast live as part of our commitment to make information as accessible as possible.

You can view separate recordings of each agenda item below:

Parts one and two

Welcome and opening remarks
Item 2 – Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry Report
Chief Executive’s report
Statement on the Chief Executive

Parts three to five

Item 3 – minutes of the previous meeting
Item 4 – building citizen and community engagement
Item 4 – patient and public voice, NHS CB programme status
Item 5 – NHS CB programme status

Parts six and seven

Item 6 – Update on the Implementation of the EPRR across the NHS
Item 7 – NHS CB governance review
Item 7 – pricing governance

Part eight

Item 8 – Recruitment update
Item 8 – Update on OD strategy – phase two

Parts nine to eleven

Item 9 – Implementing service specifications and policies in the 201314 contracting round
Item 10 – CCG authorisation
CSU meetings


  1. Joan Davis says:

    Board Meetings in public are broadcast live. An excellent idea – if I knew where to see the broadcast! Please let me know and add that vital information to your website.

    • NHS England says:

      Hi Joan
      Thank you for your comment and feedback. Before every board meeting we add a news post to our homepage with the link to our live stream page, and I’ve also added this link to the article above.

      Kind regards

      Digital Communications Officer
      NHS England

  2. M Martin says:

    Are minutes available in document form? Not sure who has time to watch all the videos

  3. shurleea says:

    How can we swallow all this information when Nicholson was the in charge re the Mid Staff carnage.

    It doesn’t give us confidence in the NHS and makes me hope I will die before all this rubbish is attempted to be put in place.

    Information about me belongs to me, who gives him the right to put that information on a national database when he could even run a small hospital let alone the nations health cares systems.

    this man has to go and leave our records in the trusted hands of our GP/