Board Meeting – 12 April 2013

The next Board meeting will take place on Friday 12 April from 11.00-approximately 12.15 at our NHS England offices , 4-8 Maple Street, London, W1T 5HD.

If you would like to attend, please register your interest as places are limited.

Please contact, by 4pm on Thursday 11 April.

Please note that members of the public are welcome to attend meetings of the Board – which although being held in public are not public meetings. Questions submitted via this website won’t be passed on for discussion at Board meetings but will receive a response.

The board meeting will be broadcast live as part of our commitment to make information as accessible as possible.  The livestream is best viewed in FirefoxGoogle Chrome or Internet Explorer 8 and 9 with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. You may experience issues viewing this content in Internet Explorer 6 and 7.  The live broadcast will be added to our livestream page on the date of the board meeting.

A separate recording of each agenda item will then be published on YouTube in the following few days.


  1. LYNNE HEAL says:

    UK needs to move forward with MS with CCSVI unblocking valves and veins in necks. Over 40,000 worldwide have now had. We are way behind and too uneducated on .It is not a cure however leads to a much better quality of life. In basic terms angioplasty many have daily for other diseases and never denied either.

    Very easy procedure to do and undangerous also via Interventional Vascular radiologists highly trainned.

  2. Ken Edwards says:

    I see these are meetings for the public only to observe – better seen and not heard? If I have a question relating say to local prison care provision of health with whom can I raise it? My local area NCB body does not meet in public, the national board meets in public and although agenda items include ‘Putting patients first’ and ‘Prioritising patients in every decision we make’ there seems little appetite for these same people to be heard at the board meeting. I can ask at my local CCG board but of course they do not commission such a service …. you do.