Release of two data reports relating to children’s heart surgery at Leeds Teaching Hospitals

NHS England has released two data reports relating to children’s heart surgery at Leeds Teaching Hospitals

  1. The original data sent to Sir Bruce Keogh by Sir Roger Boyle
  2. NICOR Investigation of mortality from paediatric cardiac surgery in England 2009 – 12

See also a covering letter from NICOR

The first report is the data sent to Sir Bruce Keogh by Roger Boyle

The second is a report from the National Institute for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research, which is part of the University College London. The institute was commissioned to inform the review of Children’s Congenital Cardiac Surgery Service at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. This report reviewed the data, based on further information provided by Leeds Teaching Hospital.





  1. Mary E Hoult says:

    Did any of the Acute Trusts reflect the Data being produced on their Risk Registers? and if not why not?Someone must have had responsible for reporting on a monthly basis?I thought DATA was meant to act as an early warning in order that action can be taken before we have situation like the Children’s Heart Services.

  2. D Turner says:

    It is not possible to correlate the data in the NICOR report with that in the data sent to Bruce Keogh by Roger Boyle. The crude and unadjusted data does not come close to supporting Roger Boyle’s figures. So it would be helpful to know how Roger Boyle came up with the data which he provided to Sir Bruce.

  3. Adam Butcher says:

    i have just read the information which you at NHS England. Is the Data from a cross England and i also found it very hard to follow

  4. JJ Adams says:

    Some words to explain what all this means would have been helpful. I am not a statistician or doctor and what is said in here means nothing to me. The graph in particular means absolutely nothing as there is no key to explain what each lines means (I’m assuming each is a different hospital but no where does it say that). Not sure if you are trying to fob people off, confuse them or just genuinely have not thought this through.