Board meeting – 18 July 2013

The next Board meeting will take place on Thursday 18th July 10:15am to 1:15pm – at NHS England Southside, 105 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6QT

If you would like to attend, please register your interest by lunchtime on Tuesday 16th July as places are limited.

Please contact

Please note that members of the public are welcome to attend meetings of the Board – which although being held in public are not public meetings. Questions submitted via this website will not be passed on for discussion at Board meetings, but will receive a response.

The Board meeting will be broadcast live as part of our commitment to make information as accessible as possible.  The livestream is best viewed in FirefoxGoogle Chrome or Internet Explorer 8 and 9 with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. You may experience issues viewing this content in Internet Explorer 6 and 7.  The live broadcast will be added to our livestream page on the date of the board meeting.

A separate recording of each agenda item will then be published on YouTube in the following few days and captions will be available at this stage.

Board papers

NHS England: Putting Patients First

View the video shown at the board meeting.


  1. Felix Greaves says:

    Thanks for the response.

    The Health and Social Care Act 2012 (Schedule A1, Section 1H(4), part 2 (3)) states that there should be fewer execs than non execs on the board.

    Can you clarify the number of execs and non execs?

    Thank you.

    • NHS England says:

      The NHS England Board has four executives who are the voting members and seven non-executives.

      The voting executives are:
      • David Nicholson (CEO)
      • Bruce Keogh (National Medical Director)
      • Jane Cummings (Chief Nursing Office)
      • Paul Baumann (Chief Financial Officer)

      The non-executives are:
      • Professor Sir Malcolm Grant
      • Ed Smith
      • Ciaran Devane
      • Lord Victor Adebowale
      • Margaret Casely-Hayford
      • Dame Moira Gibb
      • Naguib Kheraj

  2. Felix Greaves says:


    Is it possible to clarify who the formal executive and non-executive members of the board are?

    Thank you.

  3. Michael Vidal says:

    Sorry but I cannot see how the reluctance of the Board to take questions from the public enhances its reputation. It is my experience that questions from the public can bring out matters whihc may not otherwise not come out. Is it possible for this matter to be revisited.