Interim CCG Assurance Framework published

The Interim CCG Assurance Framework for 2013/14 (this document is no longer available here but can be found on the National Archives website) published today will help NHS England, patients and the public identify how well Clinical Commissioning Groups are performing in their role as the commissioners of local health services.

CCGs are accountable to their local populations and to NHS England for planning and delivering comprehensive and high quality care that meets the needs of their local community.  This framework will support CCGs to deliver this and will help them to transform local services and improve outcomes for all patients.

The publication of the Interim Assurance Framework kicks off an engagement process with CCG staff, patient groups and other key stakeholders which will inform a final Framework to be published in the autumn.

Feedback on the draft assurance framework here.


  1. John Morton says:

    1. Evidence mutual accountability
    2. How we encourage/develop CSU process real time information complaints
    3. Develop CSU processes – complaints process
    4. Developing co-herent system and communication across regulator CCGs and communities
    5. Positive development national framework consistent approach to quality improvement
    6. Important to consider primary care as part of the quality dashboard
    7. Consistent approach needed to remove all conditions for authorisation
    8. Evidence support for collaboration across system required as could lead to fragmentation.
    9. Clear evidence for thresholds for intervention when things go wrong

  2. Pearl Baker says:

    Are health outcomes improving for the local people? (27)
    Token references to the long term Mentally Ill is not improving their care in the community.
    I would like to see a large proportion of the 895 million being allocated to the health and wellbeing of this group.
    It would be a start if more support Workers were employed to help this forgotten group to take part in social interaction, physical exercise and living skills. Many live in complete isolation of the public at large.

  3. Maxwell says:

    You’ve made your position pretty clearly..

  4. Julie Kerry says:

    Disappointing that Safegarding is not included in the assurance framework. If this is a priority for the NHS then we should be seeking assurance that CCG’s have this on their agenda, with clear outcomes identified.
    Also disappointing that there is so little focus on Mental Health, will this be addressed in the final framework ?