6Cs Live! Bulletin – May 2013

Compassion in Practice Update

Although it is only a month since we launched the Compassion in Practice Implementation Plans, there is already a great deal of positivity, enthusiasm and momentum building around the strategy and the 6Cs, which we have seen in countless areas of England as we have visited teams and attended events. There is already a very clear commitment being demonstrated by the nurses, midwives, care staff and organisations we have met with and there are some fantastic examples of work that is being done to improve the quality of care being received by patients.

Things are progressing well, we are responding in full, proactively to the issues raised by Robert Francis in his Mid Staffordshire Inquiry Report and the pace that we are working at means that there are already new things to update you on:

Action Area 6 Update

Work in each of the six areas of action is now underway and we are delighted to announce that Dean Royles, Chief Executive of NHS Employers, has agreed to become the Senior Responsible Officer for Action Area 6 ‘Supporting positive staff experience’.

This is an extremely positive step for us all and Dean will undoubtedly draw on his wealth of expertise in this area to ensure that we deliver this challenging action plan, by working with organisations to ensure they create a culture and environment where their staff feel valued and empowered, motivated and challenged, and confident in their ability to raise ideas, issues and concerns.

6Cs Live! Update

The 6Cs Live! Communications Hub is currently being developed and will be launched this summer. The different elements of the 6Cs Live! Communication have been identified through building on feedback from the Energise for Excellence work and finding out what people found useful and also through feedback from our online surveys.

One key piece of feedback from E4E and our online survey is that nurses, midwives and care staff are looking for a range of ways to engage around 6Cs, not only through social media. This has been reflected in the 6Cs Live! offering.We are continuing to engage with staff from all areas of Health and Social Care about how the site is developed to ensure it meets needs and expectations, most recently at RCN Congress where over 700 frontline staff signed up to 6Cs Live! – making their commitment to delivering the 6Cs.

As key stakeholders for Compassion in Practice, we would really value your feedback on the site, as it has been developed to date, and welcome your suggestions and ideas for improvement before it is launched.

We would very much like you to join us on a webinar on Friday 28th June 2013 at 11.ooam, where we will be able to give you a virtual tour of the site, an overview of what it offers and discuss opportunities for you to get involved. Please register your participation for this webinar here.

Alternatively, if you are unable to join this webinar, please let us know and we will arrange an alternative time to demonstrate the site and gather your feedback. Please contact: Jen Ribbands on 07920 278683 or Charlotte Bourke on 07929 031120.

Action Area One – Public Health Nursing and Midwifery Conference

On 26th June, as part of Department of Health and Public Health England support to Action Area One, we will be hosting the first national public health nursing and midwifery conference. This will bring together nurses and midwives to hear about and shape the professions’ contributions to improving health at individual community and population level. After a ministerial address, experts in public health and public nursing will present current thinking and evidence on how nurses and midwives are key to improving health outcomes. We have had a brilliant response and have full attendance from practitioners and leaders in the professions providing care and services in all settings and right through the life course. This will shape our further work on Action Area One and raise the visibility of the vital work nurses and midwives do in improving and protecting the public’s health.

Sharing Success Update

We are delighted to be working in partnership with the Nursing Times to find stories and examples of excellence, in delivery of the 6Cs from front line staff. An independent panel will select a ‘story of the month’ to be featured in the Nursing Times as well as on the 6Cs Live! Hub and these stories will be used to encourage and celebrate excellence in practice in all care settings.

These stories will be featured on the hub and will be a useful and inspirational resource for everyone – including using these in our presentations and at our events throughout the year.

We look forward to working with you as we move forward with Compassion in Practice and 6Cs Live!

Best wishes

Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer for England, NHS England
Viv Bennett, Director of Nursing, Department of Health and Public Health England