NHS 111 is steadily improving

The data published today on the performance of NHS 111 in April 2013 showed the service is steadily improving and is highly rated by those who use it – 92 percent were very or fairly satisfied with their NHS111 experience.

Usage of the service is growing quickly.  In April, there were 566,532 calls to the 111 service compared to 360,526 the previous month. The majority of NHS 111 services in England are now meeting the performance standards (87 percent of calls answered in 60 seconds and just 4 percent of calls were abandoned after waiting longer than 30 seconds).  However some providers continue to fail to meet the standards set especially at weekends.

NHS England’s role is in supporting CCGs as commissioners of services. It is our absolute priority to ensure patients get a high quality, safe service wherever they live and where providers are failing to meet standards, NHS England is working with local CCGs who took over the commissioning of the NHS 111 service on 1 April 2013 to ensure these providers have plans in place to improve and meet the required standards.

NHS England is also working with CCGs across England to consider all aspects of the NHS111 service and ensure the service is designed and commissioned in the best possible way to meet the needs of patients and the public.

Our focus continues to be on making sure that providers of services in problem areas meet the terms of their action plans to boost performance for our patients.

The NHS 111 service was introduced to deal with public concern and frustration in accessing NHS care, especially at weekends and out of hours. Calls from landlines and mobile phones are free, and the service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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  1. N. Shah says:

    Does every get a chance to feedback? I was told by the automated message (whilst I was waiting for the call to be answered) that I would be asked for feedback. I wasn’t and I am afraid my experience was not positive. Maybe it is selective feedback!