Specialised health services clinical reference groups: Patient and carer member recruitment – second wave

NHS England has opened the second wave of recruitment for patient and carer members of its Clinical Reference Groups for 2013/14. For a full list of CRGs who are still recruiting members please follow the link below.

CRGs are responsible for providing NHS England with clinical advice regarding specialised services, and for promoting equity of access to high quality services for all patients, regardless of where they live. CRGs are also at the forefront of the drive to spearhead innovation, working with clinical leaders, patients and suppliers to identify and promote best practice; scanning the horizon for new treatment approaches; and taking action to improve patient experience and outcomes in the NHS.

This is an exciting time to join a CRG, as they take their place within the new commissioning structures of the NHS. The accompanying Guide to CRGs and Information Pack for Patients and Carers will provide you with more, detailed information about their work; where they sit within NHS England, and what it means to be a patient and carer member of a CRG. If you are interested in applying to be a patient or carer member, you will also find an application form which you can complete online. The closing date for applications for membership is midnight 13 June 2013.

See here for more information about becoming a patient or carer member of one of these groups, you will also find here a list of CRGs we are still recruiting to, a guide to CRGs, an information pack and application form.

This opportunity is open to people 18 years and over. We are committed to ensuring that the work of CRGs is informed by the voice of children and young people; however, we are also aware that there are extra support needs for this group and that membership of the CRGs may not be the most appropriate approach to engaging with this section of the population.

We are recruiting for the following CRG’s

A3 Specialised Endocrinology
A5 Morbid Obesity Surgery A13 Specialised Rheumatology
A8 Specialised Colorectal Services A16 Specialised Imaging
A11 Pulmonary Hypertension A18 Heart and Lung transplantation
B1 Radiotherapy
B2 PET-CT B10 Thoracic Surgery
B4 Blood & Marrow Transplantation B11 Upper GI Surgery
B7 Infectious Diseases
C1 Specialised Services for Eating Disorders C8 Tier 4 Severe Personality Disorder Services (adults)
C4 Specialised Mental Health Services for the Deaf MSD C11 CAMHs Secure
C7 Tier 4 Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services
D5 Stereotactic Radiosurgery D11  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
D6 Burn Care D12  Specialised Ophthalmology Services
D10 Specialised Orthopaedic Services D14 Complex Spinal Surgery
D15  Major Trauma
E1 Medical Genetics E10  Complex Gynaecological Services
E2  Paediatric Surgery E11 Specialised Maternity Services
E4 Paediatric Cancer Services E12 Fetal Medicine
E7 Paediatric Intensive Care E13  Multi System Disorder