NHS England publishes details on how to apply for £260m Safer Hospitals, Safer Wards Technology Fund

NHS England has today published further details on the Safer Hospitals, Safer Wards Technology Fund which sets out the details on how NHS Foundation Trusts and NHS Trusts can access the new £260 million technology fund. The accompanying guidance describes in greater detail the steps that local care economies can take to effectively flow vital data across organisational boundaries to drive up high quality and effective care.

In keeping with NHS England’s commitment in the planning guidance, Everyone Counts, the fund can be used by NHS Foundation Trusts and NHS Trusts to progress their activities to replace outdated paper based systems for patient notes with integrated digital care records (IDCRs).  NHS organisations can also apply for funding to support them improve efficiency, quality and safety by introducing ePrescribing systems.  It is a critical stepping-stone in helping the NHS go digital by 2018.

NHS England recognises that organisations have different levels of technical capability and are at different stages of clinical digital maturity. It welcomes applications from all eligible organisations irrespective of their current starting point. 

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  1. Arletha says:

    I tend not to comment, but I browsed a few of the remarks here NHS England

  2. LYNNE HEAL says:

    What needs to investigated is why my MRI notes were all destroyed 3 months after having and my neurologist saying he could not do anything for me at all. Have had to fly out of UK for help . NO ONE CARES