Government Consultation on the Mandate Refresh for 2014-15

The Mandate from Government was published in November 2012 and sets the objectives for NHS England for the period April 2013 to March 2015. It is now due for annual refresh for 2014-15 and DH has today launched a 12 week consultation on the proposed changes to the Mandate, with an aim to publish the final Mandate by mid/late October in time for the planning round. View the consultation document.

The Board of NHS England will be considering the implications of the proposed changes and will submit a corporate NHS England consultation response.

One comment

  1. David Polkinghorn says:

    The bedrock of the NHS remains primary care: proportionate investment and development has not occured in my time as an NHS doctor (35 years). There must be a way to provide comprehensive, 24 hour GP care. The slip to being overwealmed by the aging population with chronic, complex health problems is now a current reality. The acutely ill have reduced access to many surgeries. The fire fighting of the A&E crisis has missed the point. Without a robust, well funded primary care services the chances of the whole NHS failing in the next 5 to 10 years is inevitable. GPs remain a proportionately cheap resource.