NHS England launches recruitment for Specialised Commissioning Medicines Optimisation Clinical Reference Group

NHS England has today started recruitment to the latest addition to its specialised commissioning Clinical Reference Group (CRG) structure.

The Specialised Commissioning Medicines Optimisation CRG will work across all 74 service-specific CRGs. One of its key roles, working with experts from around the country, will be to ensure that the systems and levers currently in place for the procurement, selection and use of medicines in secondary care, are as effective as possible in supporting patients to take their medicines; in reducing harm from medicines, whilst ensuring best value.

Applications for this post is now closed.

One comment

  1. Prof Simon Thom says:

    Clinical pharmacologist, cardiovascular medicine, hypertension & CVD prevention.
    If you are still looking for clin pharm members for the spec medicines commissioning group – please let me know. If too late, apologies for missing the boat. Best wishes, Simon Thom