NHS England’s ‘ways of working’ with CCGs launched

NHS England and NHS Clinical Commissioners (NHSCC), as the independent collective voice of clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and its representative body, have been working together to co-produce ways of working that support CCGs and NHS England. The ways of working flow from NHS England’s vision and purpose and are integral to the way NHS England works.

NHS England has multi-faceted roles in relation to the new commissioning sector with prime importance being assurance, support and development of, and co-commissioning with, CCGs. In order to achieve the best outcomes for patients in England how key partners work together will be crucial.

An independent survey will be undertaken by NHSCC in October 2013 to understand the extent to which these ways of working are being realised. It will ask all CCGs to assess how far NHS England is modelling the ways of working in practice, in all its relationships with CCGs, across all its roles. NHS England will also reflect on its ways of working with CCGs in light of the survey results.

The outcomes will be shared with all CCGs and with NHS England in Autumn 2013.

For information download: Ways of working that support CCGs and NHS England to secure high quality care for all, now and for future generations (this document is available via our archived website).

Download the collaborative letter from Dr Steve Kell and Rosamond Roughton (this document is available via our archived website).

One comment

  1. Dr S M says:

    In the are where I work, nothing has changed.

    Missives come down from the LAT to the CCG in exactly the same way they did from the SHA to the PCT.

    The LAT ‘delegates’ work as it likes without regard to the capacity or even the statutory role of the CCG.

    So ‘Ways of Working’ had us all in stitches.