Urgent and emergency care in London

The NHS in London is responding to patient and staff concern at the dip in A&E performance in spring 2013, by focussing on ways to improve the responsiveness of services to those who need them by improving waiting times at A&E, and by improving how community services respond to ensure that patients are seen and treated quickly and safely as possible.

As part of the response to current pressures, NHS England (London) worked together with CCGs, Monitor, the NHS Trust Development Authority, Social Care and the national Emergency Care Intensive Support Team, and held an event on 18 July 2013 to explore best practice and consider how we can implement this to the benefit of all patients across London.

The event, which was attended by over 200 clinicians and managers and reached out to a further 29,000 people on Twitter #EmCareLDN. The event also generated coverage in the Evening Standard (page 2) and substantial packages on both BBC and ITV regional news programmes, all covering our message of reform of primary care as part of the change needed to support A&E and urgent care performance.