Video: Putting Patients First

Since it began in April 2013, NHS England has been working hard to improve transparency and health services for patients. We have produced a short video, highlighting just some of the ways in which we have been doing this.


  1. Lynne Craven says:

    One of the major scandals is lack of self-management support. Lots of talking about it but not a lot really happening. I keep seeing the words but don’t know how the NHS is doing it. Lovely phrase…returning the responsibility for their health back to the patient….easy to say…hard to do!

  2. Angela Cavill-Burch says:

    Well its a start. Not seen any positive changes in the way people communicate or anything else for patients that have long term complex health needs. They need to have a personal care plan with someone to co ordinate the delivery of that plan. Still managing conditions from crisis to crisis instead of making sure all in place to keep healthy for longer. Rehab & physio in the community still dire, care worker quality provision still crap for those under continuing health care. Specialist Housing provision for those with mobility problems health care professional still refusing to step in and insist something is done for those living in unsatisfactory conditions. etc etc.