NHS England encourage NHS staff to get vaccinated against flu this winter

As the NHS approaches its busiest time of year, NHS England are encouraging staff to take steps to protect individuals in their care as well as protecting themselves, their colleagues and family by getting a flu jab.

NHS Employers are leading on the national staff flu vaccination campaign and we support them in encouraging all health staff, including doctors, allied health professionals, nurses and midwives to get vaccinated against flu to cut the risk of it spreading to patients and colleagues this winter.

Frontline healthcare workers are more likely to be exposed to the influenza virus, particularly during winter months when some of the people in their care will be infected, so it is vital to reduce the impact of flu to protect patient care.  Sir Bruce Keogh (National Medical Director), Jane Cummings (Chief Nursing Officer), and Karen Middleton (Chief Allied Health Professions Officer) have co-written letters to all doctors, nurses, midwives and allied health professionals to highlight the importance of the influenza vaccine.  More information on this year’s staff facing flu campaign can be found on the NHS Employers website. For more information about flu vaccination and at risk groups access NHS Choices.

Protect yourself your family and your patients – be a flu fighter, get your flu jab.

One comment

  1. Mr Robert Stockley says:

    I work as a band 3 A/C in a community clinic with patients who have complex medical and special needs. I have asked my line manager if I can receive the flu vaccine which involves a trip into our trust HQ which would take a total of 2 hours.
    My line manager has told me that I have to use my own time for this, while I will need this be carried out I would like to check if this is NHS policy across the country considering the push to get all staff vaccinated,