NHS England welcomes National Audit Report on emergency admissions

NHS England today welcomes the publication of a report into emergency admissions by the National Audit Office.  The report shows the number of emergency admissions to hospitals is continuing to rise, albeit at a slower rate than in the past, and more patients attending major A&E departments are now being admitted to hospital.

Professor Keith Willett, Director for Acute Episodes of Care for NHS England said: “This independent analysis is very useful and fully aligns with NHS England’s interpretation of the information.

“We are determined to provide the best possible for care every patient but the increase in emergency admissions is a growing concern, and must be a concern for the whole health and care system not just for hospitals.

“We are an ageing population and the majority of those requiring emergency admission are our elders and those who are frail; very often they have increased care needs as much as a medical need.

“As the report recommends, we must collectively take substantial steps to ensure patients receive the best possible care preferably out of hospital but also when necessary in hospital. To achieve that it is clear the way we provide health and social care must change so our hospitals, GP and community services have the space to do that.

“The NHS cannot change on its own. We need to build the support and understanding of patients, the public and politicians to enable us take the big decisions to develop effective alternatives to emergency admission to hospital. This report to the government from the National Audit Office helps us build that understanding.”