Radiotherapy manufacturers demonstrate latest innovations in cancer care

Manufacturers of radiotherapy equipment who are planning innovations that may change the shape of cancer care are to pitch to NHS England, Cancer Research UK and radiotherapy experts in a dragons-den style event to show the latest products available for carrying out innovative radiotherapies.

The event, which takes place on the 8th and 9th October, will enable the manufacturers to demonstrate innovations in a commercially confidential setting to a panel of clinicians and managers.  It will be an opportunity to explore what is available now and what may become available in the future to the NHS to have the best cancer services in the world. It will also open up discussions on planning and ways of delivering the best and most innovative radiotherapy services for cancer patients.

Further written submissions are welcome from manufacturers and other interested parties not involved in this event, please contact Jennifer Boon on (supplied by Cancer Research UK) to receive guidance for a submission.

James Palmer, Clinical Director Specialised Services, NHS England said:

“This is a very exciting prospect for both the immediate and longer term to envision with the industry what the future may hold for cancer care to deliver life-saving treatments and improve the experience of care, in the most cost-effective way

“This event forms an important stage of a wider project to consider the appropriate technology and capacity requirements needed to provide radiotherapy services to cancer patients in England and supports the Prime Minister’s commitment to increase access to advanced radiotherapy treatments.

“Through this event we have an opportunity to see what cutting edge innovations might need to be included in our future plans. Engaging with industry in this way is a key part of building our future strategy for radiotherapy over the next three to five years. We hope to learn from this exercise and are considering similar events for other specialised services.

“We have partnered with Cancer Research UK on this project to benefit from their research skills and expertise.”

Emma Greenwood, head of policy development at Cancer Research UK, said: “Research suggests that radiotherapy is second only to surgery in beating cancer, around four in 10 patients whose cancer is cured receive radiotherapy as part of their treatment. As newer and better radiotherapy treatments become available, the NHS must be in a position to offer them to cancer patients and to support ongoing innovation.

“This project builds on the success of the Radiotherapy Innovation Fund which helped over 5,000 cancer patients benefit from advanced forms of the treatment. By bringing together the manufacturers and clinicians we hope to gather the evidence that will help the NHS be prepared to offer patients the latest radiotherapy treatments as they are developed.”