September Friends and Family Test results

NHS England has today published September’s Friends and Family Test results across all hospitals in England.

The key findings for the September FFT data are:

  • The total number of responses to date (April-September) is 983,728 (including independent-sector providers)
  • The number of responses in England has risen by 4% from 183,464 in August to 190,280 in September.   The combined response rate has risen from 17.1% in August to 18.6% in September: the A&E response rate rose from 11.3% to 13.2% and the inpatients increased from 28.9% to 29.4% (including IS providers).
  • The published England inpatient score (including IS providers) is 72, unchanged since August.
  • The England level A&E score has fallen by 4 points from 56 to 52.  The combined score shows a 2 point drop from 65 to 63.
  • The number of wards with the most negative score of -100 has fallen slightly from 11 in August to 10 in September.  
  • The number of wards with negative scores has fallen from 33 in August to 30 in September.