NHS England dementia lead supports G8 summit

The UK hosts the G8 summit on dementia in London today (11 December 2013), which aims to develop coordinated global action on dementia and is welcomed by NHS England’s National Clinical Director for Dementia, Alistair Burns:

“The Dementia G8 Summit is a fantastic opportunity to bring together a group of international leaders to discuss the importance of dementia. The UK is taking the initiative to promote improving the quality of life for people with dementia and their carers.

“NHS England is committed to improving the quality of life for people with dementia and we are working with a wide range of professionals, clinicians, people with dementia, their families and carers, to achieve this.

“A local ‘dementia prevalence calculator’ has been set up which assesses the number of people in any given area likely to have dementia. People will also be able to see how many individuals have been given a formal diagnosis and are then able to access the right care. We are working closely with clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to support them in their work on dementia and diagnostic support.

“A formal diagnosis is vital for people with dementia as that leads to the necessary help and support. By 2015 there is an aspiration that two thirds of the estimated number of people with dementia will receive a diagnosis.”

Dementia is one of the greatest global health challenges of our time, affecting more than 35 million people worldwide and set to almost double every 20 years, to more than 65 million people in 2030.

The summit will harness the effort and expertise of governments, scientists and industry to work together globally to defeat dementia.  It will identify and agree a new international approach to dementia research – cutting across national boundaries, and secure more international collaboration to reach shared goals faster.  It will also work to help improve life and care for people with dementia and their families.

More information and live coverage of the summit is available on the Department of Health website.