NHS England setting up Industry Reference Group to help develop its five-year strategy for specialised services

NHS England is establishing an Industry Reference Group to help support its work in developing a five-year strategy for specialised services. It is currently seeking representative bodies (i.e. trade associations, not individual companies) from the medical technology, pharmaceutical, bioscience and diagnostic industries to join the group.

To find out more, visit our specialised services engagement page.



  1. Michael Vidal says:

    I assume that unlike with previous groups you will be inviting either the Patient Association or Healthwatch England or even better both on to the group to ensure that the patient voice is heard.

    • NHS England says:

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for getting in touch.

      NHS England is committed to working with individual patients and patient groups in developing a five-year strategy for specialised services. The Industry Reference Group is intended as a means of ensuring that industry partners are engaged with as the strategy develops, and is quite specific in its role. However, there are lots of other ways in which people can get involved. Please visit our strategy development pages to find out more:

      Many thanks
      NHS England

      • Michael Vidal says:

        Thank you for this response. While I note what you say but surely if patients the industry and NHS England ar all represnted in the one group ideas can b developd with the input of all stakeholders in a more streamlined and cost effective ways. It wouild also allow the industry to understand the end users concerns and might actually speed up the process as you wouild not then need to go bak to find out what the patiens and th public think as they would already be represented.