Patient and Public Voice Representatives for the Quality and Clinical Risk (QCR) Committee

The QCR Committee, a formal Committee of NHS England’s Board, is recruiting up to three Patient and Public Voice (PPV) representatives.

The role of the QCR Committee is to provide assurance to NHS England’s Board that there are systems and processes in place to drive continuous improvement in the quality of services provided to individuals, and to identify and effectively manage any quality or clinical risks inherent to performing statutory and non-statutory duties.  The Committee has been established primarily with an audit function, and will seek to add value to the development of policies and strategies through its discussions and the expertise of members.

Patient and Public Voice (PPV) Representatives may be:

  • current or past patients/service users of the NHS, or carers of users of those services
  • members of the public with an interest and/or relevant experience or
  • staff/volunteers of patient groups and charities supporting patients, service users and carers of the relevant directly commissioned services

There will be an honorarium of £150 per day for an estimated time commitment of 9 days per year for individual patient or public members who join as individuals rather than as representatives of organisations.

For further information and how to apply please see the information pack. With all applications a monitoring form must also be completed.

If you require an alternative format such as braille, large print or audio please call Clare Wilkinson on 0113 2546 267 quoting reference EC13-47.

The closing date for applications is midday on 13 February 2014.

The Department of Health and NHS England values and promotes diversity and is committed to equality of opportunity for all.


  1. wendy micklewright says:

    Is putting a comment here enough of a response ?

    I care very much about the current waste of money in the nhs and the abuse within the system …..

  2. Gilbert Wheeler says:

    As a patient with long term multiple health conditions I have for some time been an independent patients voice looking at the NHS & It’s services as I have spent a lot of time in different hospitals I have been able to see first hand how the service is being given to a great number of patients this includes the young and the elderly.
    I have highlighted in recent times problems that continue to arise in hospitals through my contacts with the CQC as a patient advisor. Having worked previously in the MOD aviation field where Part of my job involved flight safety I have been able to use the training that I was given to look closely at situations that can sometimes be overlooked no matter how trivial. getting the basics right must be the fundamental start to making the NHS a safe and viable service for the general public. The government has for years relied on spending money on reports that have highlighted situations but they do not always fulfil the actual criteria to stop the problem or offer a complete resolve to a situation as time and time reports are going back over what has been said in previous reports.