Huge response to £100m Nursing Technology Fund

NHS England has received over 220 applications from 140 health Trusts around the country bidding for part of the £100m Nursing Technology Fund.

The fund, which was launched in December last year, invited NHS organisations to bid for money to buy technology to support nurses, midwives and care staff.

The fund focuses on practical mobile and digital technologies such as digital pens or tablets to help improve communication, allow staff to do their jobs more easily and provide improved care and better experiences for patients.

Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer for England, said:

“I’m really pleased with the response we have had following the launch of the Nursing Technology Fund. It shows a real desire to embrace modern technology and new ways of working to improve patient care.”

“Mobile and digital equipment can really benefit busy nurses, midwives and care staff for example mobile technology can mean a community nurse doesn’t have to spend as much time travelling to and from the office, which means more time spent caring for patients and quick access to key information at the touch of a button means that staff can carry out their job more effectively. Ultimately it means better care and a better experience for patients.”

“Health demands have changed dramatically over the years and it is important we have a modern NHS that is capable of meeting the challenges this brings. Effective use of technology is a major part of this.”

Funding is split between projects which can be delivered in 2013/14 (£30m) and 2014/15 (£70m).

The deadline for 2013/14 funding has closed and the deadline for expressions of interest for 2014/15 is open until Wednesday 26 February.

NHS England is reviewing applications, which has included independent engagement with nurses across the country, as part of its quality assurance process.

The successful applicants for 2013/14 projects will be announced later this year.

View more information on the Nursing Technology Fund.