Care Quality Commission (CQC) inpatient survey

Hilary Garratt, Director of Nursing at NHS England, said: “The feedback we are getting from this survey is absolutely critical to the ongoing development and improvement of how we care for and treat patients who receive NHS funded services.

“We are pleased that patients recognise and report on the things that are working well and we are pleased with the overall improvements of all areas within the report. There are particular improvements in how doctors communicate with patients, cleanliness and patients feeling their dignity is respected when being examined or treated. We also recognise that we have to reduce variation and improve on areas such as discharge processes including the provision of information and timeliness of securing discharge medication.

“It’s really important that local commissioners and providers use the results of this report to drive local improvements to make sure patients feel that they get the best treatment and experience whilst using NHS services.”

Care Quality Commission (CQC) Inpatient Survey 2013 results