Flu immunisation programme 2014 to 2015

Public Health England along with the Department of Health and NHS England have today published the Annual Flu Plan and Letter for 2014/15.

The Plan will aid the development of robust and flexible operational plans by local organisations and emergency planners within the NHS and local government. It provides the public and healthcare professionals with an overview of the coordination and the preparation for the flu season and signposting to further guidance and information.

This year the Flu Plan also includes details about the extension of the flu vaccination programme to children in 2014 and 2015. Due to the scale of the extension nationally it is being implemented gradually, with geographical piloting in the early years that will provide learning to inform subsequent roll-out. The Flu Plan is supported by:

  • the annual Flu Letter issued alongside the Flu Plan
  • the influenza chapter in Immunisation against infectious disease (the Green Book, chapter 19) which is updated regularly, sometimes during a flu season
  • two service specifications between NHS England and the Secretary of State for Health for the ‘routine’ seasonal flu programme (No.13) and for the extension of the programme to children (No. 13A)


  1. Sonia Croasdell says:

    21st Oct – Contacted my Dr. in Redditch,Worcs – was told that I would have to wait until 11th December 2014 for a Flu Jab – I am 70 yrs of age! -surely this is not right? -your comments please- S.Croasdell (Mrs).

  2. Jessica parkin says:


    My gp has not informed us of the vaccination program and was very reluctant to let my 2, year old have the fluenz. I have insisted and been told that my doctors doesn’t want to give them on the nhs? My 4 year old will be 5 in January so was 4 on 1 September. They have refused him the fluenz. Can I insist? Why are some gp surgery a allowed not to offer when the one downstairs from it are inviting all 2-4 year olds.

  3. sonya jukes says:

    my daughter is 2 on 26 th of sept. yet im being told she cant have influenz as she is not 2 on 1 st sept. . I find this ridiculous she is starting nursery on 29 th sept and has had recurring bouts of bronculitus and chest infections. so why is she not allowed to have it this makes no sense !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • NHS England says:

      Dear Sonya,

      A Public Health England spokesperson has said: “The nasal spray vaccine is not licensed for children less than two years old. In planning and delivering national programmes for millions of children we have to have very clear boundaries within which the programme operates. This does mean on occasions that people near the cut off dates will not be eligible. However, the dual aims of the childhood programme are to not only protect individuals but to reduce the spread of flu in the community so that children not covered by the programme will be protected.”

      Kind regards,

      NHS England