Independent review into children’s cardiac services in Bristol

NHS England has published the terms of reference for the independent review into children’s cardiac services in Bristol.  The review will be led by Eleanor Grey QC, an independent barrister and former Counsel to the Bristol Royal Infirmary public inquiry, and Sir Ian Kennedy, the former chairman of the Bristol public inquiry, who will act as consultant advisor.

The Review will be independent and its terms of reference have been drawn up following conversations with the families affected.  The review will establish an office in Bristol and seek to ensure all interested parties have an opportunity to make a contribution.  The review team will issue a public call for evidence and make further announcements about how to get in touch as soon as possible.


  1. Paul Valentine says:

    I would like to ask this question, since the inquests into Luke Jenkins and Sean Turner deaths the hospital have said that they have listened to the parents concerns along with the higher establishment. They say that changes have been made and are now put into practice, if this is correct then we have to see this as a step in the right direction for others patients and parents. Basically i would like to know out of all the families caught up in this scandal, how many have been invited to see these changes? I know it would be difficult for some to return to the hospital given the circumstances, but have you been given the opportunity?

  2. Paul Valentine says:

    Why does Bristol Children’s Hospital need a PR company to over see there problems at a cost of 10k per month. Surely there own in house management should be capable of dealing with this isn’t that what they are being paid for? I feel this is a waste of good money and could be put to better use, considering the issues that are within the hospital. Is this a publicity stunt or another “Get out of jail” card for the chief executive Mr. Robert Wolley? For all the families involved I hope your concerns are dealt with accordingly.

  3. carol clift says:

    I hope this review gets this right this time ,something has got to be done about Bristol’s dreadful state of affairs. As far as i understand it nothing has been constructively done since 2005 shame on them and shame on the government for letting this carry on for so many years.