Publishing Staffing Data on NHS Choices

On 16 May NHS England issued a letter and supporting appendices of guidance to Trusts with inpatient beds on publishing staffing data on NHS Choices. This follows guidance issued by NHS England on 23 April.

The letter provides a number of documentsĀ to enable Trusts to deliver on the expectation of submitting their data via UNIFY.


  1. J Allen says:

    It does not look like Support staff will be included in staffing levels and I know that some hospitals are really struggling with not having enough Phlebotomists (the people that take bloods) – this is a really important support service which is detrimental to patients if there are not enough staff to provide this service. This is because to try and save money phlebotomists have had their contracts changed to work any 5 days in 7, instead of having weekend work as overtime – bad move for patients.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a complete and utter waste of time and resources. I suggest the Chief Nurse reads Roy Lilleys bulletin dated Friday 23rd May. If staffing levels are so important why dosen’t the Government stipulate mandatory staffing levels for each ward by clinical speciality? Why, because they know it will increase expenditure, so lets pass the buck to individual Trusts and if the wheel comes off its their fault – talk about a “washing of hands!