Highlighting business plan priorities in a new film

NHS England’s business plan priorities are brought to life by the voices of patients and staff describing the outcomes they want from NHS care. The film sets out how NHS England and CCGs can commission high quality care that is built around patients and puts them first.


  1. Duncan Whittington says:

    Patients Patients Patients thats what it is all about, keep up the good work and the important message of reform and working together. Duncan Whittington

  2. Peter Fox says:

    Thank you for the video, the messages are the right messages shared in an engaging way. The action I have taken is to send the video link our Trust communication team, and suggest we doing a local version to speak to readers.

    I would suggest you need a 2nd video speaking to inspire those who provide the care, and as you can see below the messages to carers are principally the same. To deliver a great patient experience will only be delivered through a great staff experience, with leaders serving (servant leadership style) the needs of the carers. With Thomas describing his needs to enable him to care for his mum – an arm on the shoulder, told they are doing a good job, being prop up, then professional carers as just human beings with all the same needs and more as Thomas needs to care for his mum. Caring for a maximum of 8 patients, 37.5 hrs a week for tens of years requires very special people, lead by the very best leaders. I know many professional carers who have cared for more than 40 years and leaders who serve the needs of their staff to care.

    Tim Kelsey – give control, engagement – help staff understand how they can do things differently
    Sir Bruce Keogh – engage staff as participants in their own care to enable them to care
    Tom Yems – we don’t know everything but we should be part of the decisions the NHS makes
    Lord Victor Adebowla – integration not just a muscuo-skeletal problem with mental health problem – the same place having told your story once.
    Dr Richard Warner – 7 day services – if I was a member of staff – access to same decision makers every day which has an effect on the outcome for the care I provide
    Simon Stephens – Act like a patient think like a tax payer – world leader for the benefit of patients delivered by a world class workforce.
    Daniel Singleton – Its about the whole person – magnify their voice – staff get heard
    Jane Moody – focus group to support staff with disabilities
    Rachel Shelis – Staff receive really excellent care – working as a team – maximising the quality of work/life balance.
    Thomas Whitelaw – what would this care look like – arm on shoulder – doing a good job – props you up – allows you to care for the person you are caring for – I know what it looks like I certainly know what it feels like and it’s really important.

    Clearly there are other messages to staff, however I hope it provides you with a sense of my direction of thinking. It’s clear that the best businesses are starting to understand the association between great staff experience delivers great customer service for greater profit. They invest in the health and wellbeing of staff. Our business is care but the care of our carers is in its infancy and requires much more care and nuturing.

    Pete Fox
    Occupational Nurse Health Manager

  3. Sarah Russell says:

    Great video…but you might want to check written words e.g at beginning midwife says pts will now get …but written word over says will not….

    • NHS England says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Thanks or you comment and raising this issue. The captions of the video have been corrected to match what is being said.

      Kind Regards
      NHS England