Joint statement in response to the Jimmy Savile investigations: NHS England, NHS Trust Development Authority, Care Quality Commission and Monitor

The abusive behaviour of Jimmy Savile on NHS premises described in today’s reports is truly awful. Our sympathy is with all the victims and we acknowledge their bravery in coming forward to talk to the investigations.

Patients and the public have a right to expect that whenever they are under the care of the NHS they are safe and protected. Whilst there has been much progress in safeguarding and safety in the NHS, and although Kate Lampard’s report into the wider lessons that must be learned is not expected until later this year, all organisations must ensure they check the recommendations of these reports against current practice and take any necessary action.

Patients and the public have a right to expect a culture that is safe, open and responds to their concerns. We urge all NHS organisations to ensure that support is available to all who have suffered, and our feelings are with the victims today.

Simon Stevens, Chief Executive, NHS England

David Flory, Chief Executive, NHS Trust Development Authority

David Behan, Chief Executive, Care Quality Commission

David Bennett, Chief Executive, Monitor