Interview with Simon Stevens

In his first two interviews with the Press since becoming NHS England’s new Chief Executive, Simon Stevens has stressed the need to think creatively about improved patient outcomes.

He told the Daily Telegraph and Health Service Journal magazine that tailoring care models and solutions to the needs of different audiences is vital.

He explained that in some cases high quality care may require a more centralised approach – such as stroke services in major conurbations – whereas in other cases a local approach could be more beneficial, such as greater integration of care for older people involving local hospitals, GP services, community nursing and social care.


  1. Krishna Radia says:

    Simon Stevens

    You will probably remember the difficulties and problems of Hastings.

    For the last year we have been trying very hard to make progress on the premises problems of the local practices.

    We are having real problem with NHS England and would be very grateful if we can have some assistance from you to address this.

    best wishes,


  2. ramen chengebroyen says:

    Hi Simon
    Hope all well.
    My senior nurse is doing a great job in patient safety, i do understand centralised care is important, but does it apply to a critical care unit?
    I will be very grateful if you can get back to me as we are/the team are working in achieving our trust values.