NHS Change Day 2014 was the biggest day of collective action for improvement in the history of the NHS

The “Change Day Celebration” will provide an opportunity to tell the world about the inspiring pledges and actions being taken to make a difference to health and social care. Our celebrations will continue the ethos of having no barriers to communication, no hierarchies of message and no one voice louder than anyone else’s. So put the 4 July in your diary, and start planning what YOU will do to join the celebrations.

From 8am to 8pm (GMT), we’re inviting you to celebrate with us. We would love for you to join in. You could hold your own Celebration Day on the 4 July and share the impact your pledges have made with everyone you work with. Remember to let us know what you’re planning – we might be able to link to you LIVE on the day.

You can also join in with our celebrations nationally:

  • Jam with us – at any time between 8am and 8pm at our on-line web seminar. Watch and listen to some amazing stories of action from Change Day 2014 and participate in the discussions live! People will share with us their inspiring stories from their own communities and the impact it has had on patients.
  • Hangout with us – we will be sharing insights and thoughts from keynote speakers, covering topics such as; ‘empowering people’, ‘overcoming obstacles’, ‘improving patient and service user experience’, ‘connecting head, heart and hands’ and ‘health & care service improvement’. A schedule of speakers and topics will be posted prior to the day to help you plan your involvement
  • Toast with us – at the virtual graduation ceremony for The School for Health and Care Radicals where our ‘certificated change agents’ will be recognised. Join in the fun of this virtual graduation between 16.00 – 17.30 GMT by listening to keynote speakers, watching as the roll-call is made and virtually toasting our grads.

Take action now if you haven’t done so already – ‘do the do’ and remember to record it on your pledge page. View a guide on how to complete you pledge.


  1. Teresa Hughes says:

    Next time you have NHS Change Day Celebrations I would like to make a speech about the women seriously injured by transvaginal and prolapse mesh. I await your invite,

  2. Robert farrier says:

    I feel that there should be a change in culture within the nhs how mamy nurses are in it to win it, caring etc.