NHS England publishes a NHS Genomic Medicine Centre Selection Prospectus

On 10 December 2012, the Prime Minister announced that the Government intended to achieve a paradigm shift in the way that genomics is used across the NHS. To provide the catalyst for this change and to accelerate the benefits to NHS patients stemming from innovations in genomics, the Government committed to sequencing 100,000 whole human genomes by the end of 2017.

Successful delivery of the 100,000 Genome Project will position the NHS as world leaders in realising a new era of personalised medicine for the benefit of patients, and will build upon the excellent work the NHS and its academic partners have already delivered in the field of molecular medicine, molecular genetics and cytogenetics. The research opportunities and mainstream use of genomic medicine that will flow from this project also stand to make a major contribution toward economic growth in this country through establishing the UK as the leading international base for genomics science and industry.

NHS England has today (3 July) published a NHS Genomic Medicine Centre Selection Prospectus (this document is no longer available here but can be found on the National Archives website)
. The publication of the Prospectus document is a first step to gauge interest and engagement with potential providers who have an interest in applying for NHS Genomic Medicine Centre status. As a major delivery partner for the 100,000 Genome Project, NHS England need to put in place sufficient arrangements with participating providers to ensure sample acquisition and preparation starts from January 2015.