Help us develop good governance

NHS England has appealed to Clinical Commissioning Groups to give their views on what good governance looks like.

Currently work is going on with the Good Governance Institute (GGI) to support CCGs on developing good governance arrangements which their member practices and local community have confidence in, and to help achieve the desired outcomes for patients and the public.

The project is looking at how we describe governance – to engage key groups, including clinicians – and the outcomes of good governance. It will develop a range of tools to support CCGs in developing governance arrangements that fit their organisation’s structure and aims.

Caroline Morris, Head of Primary Care and Corporate Business at NHS Isle of Wight CCG has posted a blog on the GGI website on how her CCG approached governance when it was being set up, and its potential impact.

The blog invites key stakeholders including CCGs, clinicians, non-executive directors and managers, to get involved in testing different tools to support CCGs in this area, or complete a survey at  CCG Governance website to inform the work, or contribute to the on-going LinkedIn discussions around governance.