Review of nurses’ discussions with elderly patients over end of life care

Jane Cummings has today reacted to criticisms over the way nurses have discussed end of life care with elderly patients.

Writing in a blog, England’s Chief Nursing Officer says she was disappointed at reports claiming dialogue with patients over their wishes concerning resuscitation was handled in a blunt and impersonal way.

She praised the “thousands of great district and community nurses delivering compassionate care every day”, but has agreed to review the situation.


  1. An ''elderly' says:

    Forgive me for saying dearies, but what ARE ”elderly patients’ in 2014, when the Equalities Act states that discrimination on the basis of age is ILLEGAL????


  2. ww2 veteran says:

    NOT actually that convincing is it?

  3. Jolly Roger says:

    Is’t time that all this poppy-cock and complete Rubbish that this totally poor inadequate Government churns-out is seen for what it is …. they have ruined a decades of service that millions of Older people have paid for All their lives on the pretence that there is safety and total compassionate care waiting for the Elderly and sick as their live draws to it’s final stages … I agree many thousands of Nurses etc give excellent service But can also assure Jane Cummings a Vast number of very badly equipped so-called District Personal (nurses?) are taken from The Bank (Agency) to give cover as the genuine District Nurses have been greatly reduced on Governments orders …. I deal with many old people who are treated and spoken to disgustingly by many badly trained?? and poorly paid agency staff just to cover a numbers-game target requirements …. the corrupt Government has Sold-off to so-called NHS Trusts (Business’s) who’s Main Priority and concern is to first Make Money rather than give the Service so desperately needed by a population that deserves much better … Come-on PM just Hear WOT patients want and need especially the Drugs and Treatment your idiotic ‘Nice’ is preventing being sanctioned that the Public have already PAID for from Taxes and put this Country on Par with our European neighbours …. This Country’s population deserves Much, Much Better Treatment and so-much More

  4. Dr David Hill says:

    I agree the media response has been disproportionate to the original posting on Roy Lilley’s blog. The fault is not with the scheme which I applaud and am participating in wholeheartedly as we have an excellent coordinated approach to the scheme with our ambulance service and OOH provider. We had in fact a similar scheme for care home residents some time ago based on Kings Fund work. The fault in this case was clearly the delegation of the work to a nurse with no prior knowledge of the patient rather than being seen by her own GP.
    My experience is that patients are very happy to have enhanced care and keen for their care summary to be shared with other health professionals who might be involved in their care in an urgent situation.
    I hope the scheme is not changed materially because of this – discussion of place of death and DNAR forms is often not appropriate in this group of patients – many of whom are leading independent lives with a chronic condition.

    • Anonymous says: