NHS England quote on waiting times story

Simon Stevens, NHS England Chief Executive, said: “The NHS has made huge progress over the past decade in slashing long waits, so the median wait for patients having an operation is now under 10 weeks. To lock-in that achievement – and go further in eliminating the longest waits – CCGs are now using earmarked extra funding to commission more elective surgery. As a result they ¬†expect their local hospitals to use the summer and early autumn to ensure they can then meet the performance standards which NHS patients are entitled to.”


  1. Stephen Haycock says:

    If that is the case I would like to know why it has taken so long for my 76 year old mother to receive a hip operation. She initially contacted her local doctor back over the Christmas period. It was quite obvious that she needed a replacement hip but instead the doctor chose to send her for physiotherapy. After numerous visits, X-rays, cardiology appointments all spaced weeks apart, she finally gets to the hospital today, gets marked up and ready for the surgery, and then at the last minute is told that as there is no anathesiast available that her operation is cancelled until September. She has been in pain for 8months and taking morphine to relieve the pain. She is extremely upset. This is an absolutely terrible way to treat a 76 year old woman that has worked and paid her taxes all of her life.

  2. Sallie powell says:

    So why did I have to wait 9 months to have a life destroying tumour removed from my neck after diagnosis of #hyperparathyroidism??? The NHS is refusing to make any progress with diagnosis and treatment (parathyroidectomy) for patients sufferingvwith primary hyperparathyroidism. Guidelines are dangerously unregulated. People throughout England are suffering years and years of debilitsting symptoms and Sir Bruce Keogh, Dame Sally Davis and the president of Baets are ignoring and refusing to assist our appeals for assistance to raise awareness.