A new comparison website tool has been published that allows health and social care organisations to see how their services compare with those of others.

MyNHS is a transparency web tool that compares on a range of outcomes at both national and regional level.

It has been developed by NHS England, together with the Department of Health, the Health and Social Care Information Service, the Care Quality Commission and Public Health England.

MyNHS gives commissioners, providers and professionals a central snapshot of published data, to drive improvements in the quality of care.

The information currently covers hospitals, providers of social care and public health, and supports the wider commitment on ensuring more transparent health and care services.

The data is now available on NHS Choices website and will be developed further in the coming months to include more areas and reflect feedback from users.


  1. David Chadwick says:

    I searched public Health data for my area, TS9 7AN, and found conflicting results. For what appeared to be good outcomes for one area, e.g. North Yorkshire, deaths per 100,000 from preventable diseases, was marked with a red exclamation mark, whilst other hospitals with higher mortality received OK.

    The data under other headings was also marked differently. Green ticks for one area scored only OK for another area with apparently similar or better outcomes.

    Why? There is no obvious explanation. I am left wondering what is the value of the marking scheme

  2. Dan Connor says:

    What’s the point in having a standard for colorectal surgeons that means that if they do less than 15 procedures a year they are allowed to have limitless mortality? I would have thought a standard would require a t least a maximum mortality – eg 10%.