Directors of Commissioning operations in NHS England announced

On 1 October 2014 NHS England announced plans designed, in part, to streamline and align the functions and structures which support the organisation to work more effectively – both nationally and regionally – to minimise duplication and make more effective use of our resources.

A single integrated team for each of the current regions has been developed. Four geographical locations have been identified in each region, taking into account factors such as: numbers of relationships with CCGs, Trusts, Local Authorities, population size and patients flows.

Today NHS England is announcing the following appointments to the Directors of Commissioning Operations roles in NHS England:

  • Moira Dumma – Yorkshire and the Humber
  • Graham Urwin – Lancashire and Greater Manchester
  • Clare Duggan – Cheshire and Merseyside
  • Wendy Saviour – North Midlands
  • David Sharp – Central Midlands
  • Andrew Reed – West Midlands
  • Andrew Pike – East
  • Anthony Farnsworth – South West
  • Felicity Cox – South East

Dame Barbara Hakin, National Director: Commissioning Operations, NHS England said: “I am delighted to welcome them to their new roles and look forward to continuing to work with them.

These new roles will be key in the single integrated regional tier. Whilst the individuals will have responsibility for their sub regional patch, they will be working flexibly as part of the regional team.

The roles in those sub-regions where we have not made appointments will be advertised more widely – but still internally within NHS England – early next week.

It is our expectation that shadow arrangements for the new sub regions will be in place from 5 January 2015, with appointed individuals therefore taking up these new roles from that date.”


  1. Oli Hudson says:

    What about the North East/Cumbria?

  2. NHS Employee says:

    I dont understand what this really means to the people on the ground such as patients, GP practices, hospitals and even CCG’s. NHS England seem to go from re-structure to re-structure to reduce duplication and become more efficent yet each time this organisation redesigns itself it becomes more inefficent and its distance to real core values of improving the health service become even further away. I also dont understand how NHS England can reduce duplication when it has CCG’s acting on its behalf.

  3. Bob Thompson says:

    Can you tell me where the sub regions fit with in the NHS organision. Will Area Teams report to Regions/sub regions or is there no link with Area terams or CCGs.

    Is there any further documentaion on this?.

  4. Dave says:

    There are a number of commissioning directors already at NHS England, HQ. Why do we need directors to report to the directors? – another layer of directors? more jobs for the boys? This is streamlining!

  5. Shirley Williams says:

    I echo Brian’s question. I also don’t work in health but much of what I do depends on having a good understanding of the sector. I do recall being told at a meeting just after the Lansley changes that we don’t use the word regional any more – and now we also seem to have sub-regional.
    Clarity please.

  6. Brian Gale says:

    Do not work in the health service but thought Clinical Commissioning Groups commissioned local health services so what will these regional commissioners actually do? What will they be commissioning? This article describes the features of this structure but is it possible to have a little more on the benefits to the community