New Models of Care Programme

NHS England and its national partners have announced a new programme to focus on the acceleration of the design and implementation of new models of care in the NHS.

As set out in the Five Year Forward View, rapid progress is needed to speed up the development of new care models for promoting health and wellbeing and providing care that can then be replicated more easily in other parts of the system.

Through the New Models of Care Programme, individual organisations and partnerships, including those with the voluntary sector, are invited to apply to be ‘vanguard’ sites. These organisations will have the opportunity to work with national partners to co-design and establish new care models, tackling national challenges in the process.

Expressions of interest in becoming a New Model of Care vanguard site are being invited now. For further information about each care model and guidance outlining the process and criteria for selecting sites go to The Forward View into action: Planning for 2015/16.

The deadline for submitting expressions of interest is Monday, 9 February 2015.

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  1. Jackie Peters says:

    The Bettacare together concept is hardly a new model of care. Health visiting when they looked after the elderly as well as children ( cradle to the grave), have worked with the voluntary and other statutory agencies for over 30 years and more, in managing people’s Long Term conditions using health promotion, identifying services and contacts and being available in an open door referral system which enabled patient’s relatives and carers to access information on care and managing symptoms and preventing hospital admissions and instilling confidence in the family.. However due to budget cut sthe service was reduced, previously having an identified Health Visitor or Long term conditions Nurse per each surgery. Providing faster access to care and better GP relationships. The wheel is being yet again re-invented but in a more impersonal way and spreading resources within the community as thin as to be almost see through.