NHS England statement on the 2015/16 national tariff proposals

Paul Baumann, Chief Financial Officer at NHS England said:  “Monitor will shortly be announcing the results of their consultation on the 2015/16 tariff. They will report details showing that while only a minority of providers and CCGs responded negatively, the relevant response threshold by market share was reached.

Since the overall NHS funding totals for 2015/16 are now agreed, any changes to the proposed tariff would in practice just be robbing Peter to pay Paul – meaning less investment in other hospitals, mental health or GP and community services – the exact opposite of what pressures this winter show is now needed.

The alternative is that the Health and Social Care Act says that in these circumstances the Competition and Markets Authority now considers the issue.

While that happens, the current tariff rolls forward. To ensure NHS finances balance during this interim period before a new tariff takes effect, there may need to be equivalent reductions to CQUIN and other supplementary payments. It would mean that, in the meantime, the proposed increases to the emergency marginal rate from 30 per cent to 50 per cent would not take effect.

Monitor and NHS England will update the sector with more detail on next steps within the next fortnight.

In the meantime, CCGs and providers should assume that the 2015/16 planning round proceeds on the agreed timetable, within the funding and overall efficiency envelope set out in the joint planning guidance issued just before Christmas.”


  1. Helen O'Keefe says:

    Is there any indication on what the national CQUIN schemes for 2015/16 will be?

  2. Martin Dransfield says:

    What has happened to ‘Innovation Health and Wealth’ and that ‘High Impact Innovation’, Oesophageal Doppler Monitoring (ODM)? That was going to deliver savings to the best part of £1 billion. The manufacturer of the single use ODM probes does not look to have sold enough probes in the UK to cover much more than 5% of the potential savings.

  3. Richard Russell says:

    The statement above says “While that happens, the current tariff rolls forward.” How does that fit with Monitor saying “Meanwhile, commissioners and providers will be expected to continue planning for 2015/16 on the basis of the timetable and guidance that has already been issued.” on their website (

  4. John Doeman says:

    Assuming that the providers complaining wanted more money from the tariff (rightly or wrongly) isn’t changing the proposed tariff analagous to robbing Paul to pay Peter rather than robbing Peter to pay Paul. In the proposed tariff you’d end up witholding more cash in the centre.

  5. Vera Harrison says:

    Will my Mother who is at present being helped with her fees in a dementia care home in Welling Kent be affected by the new rules for funding being brought out in April 2015? With the reduction of money allocated to care to the councils being reduced her position worries me.
    If you can help with this or if you can indicate where I can find the answer I would be most grateful.
    Vera Harrison