Building the NHS of the Five Year Forward View – NHS England Business Plan 2015/16

NHS England has published its business plan for 2015/16, summarising the headline goals and priorities for the year ahead. The plan sets out ten priorities to improve quality and access to services for patients, drive better value for money and to build the foundations for the future health and care system.

The ten priorities are:

  1. Improving the quality of care and access to cancer treatment
  2. Upgrading the quality of care and access to mental health and dementia services
  3. Transforming care for people with learning disabilities
  4. Tackling obesity and preventing diabetes
  5. Redesigning urgent and emergency care services
  6. Strengthening primary care services
  7. Timely access to high quality elective care
  8. Ensuring high quality and affordable specialised care
  9. Whole system change for future clinical and financial sustainability
  10. Foundations for improvement

The business plan commits to engage with our diverse communities in new ways, continuing to involve them directly in decisions about the future of health and care services and putting citizens at the centre of the design process of NHS services.

The plan describes how the increased financial settlement For 2015/16, along with further reallocated resources from NHS England, has resulted in a total of £1.98 billion for frontline services, helping to kick start the investment needed to create new care models and further invest in primary care.

One comment

  1. Peter Fox says:

    Fully support the Forward View and the 10 point plan. Concerned there is no objective to improve the Health and Wellbeing of carers working in the NHS. For the last two years at the Health at Work conference the best businesses are describing their investment in H&Wb to improve performance and therefore profit. NHS staff do some of the most demanding jobs in the world, many paid slightly more than the minimum wage to care and for reasons not fully understood, mental health problems in NHS staff has doubled in the last 5 years. 60% of Management referral work in Occupational Health is associated with the management of Mental Health, averaging 25 days sickness a year, Hugh cost. Last week it was reported they the Kingsfund the NHS has missed many of its targets, 4 HR, 18 week and Cancer. Changing the working experience for 1.7 million workers could deliver very significant performance improvements. Salary is not my main driver to work, but I believe no pay rise in this Parliment is a serious issue for health workers, which must be addressed. It’s one of the elephants in the room which must be addressed to maintain and improve performance. The second elephant in the room are targets, they just provide the media and public the opportunity to beat the NHS around the head, which affects recruitment and retention of staff. The 4 hour target is a nonsense and says nothing about quality of care, in fact it can be highly detrimental to care as organisations build processes to hide patients waiting away from the target, they just move people out of A&E to wait hours for care in a place where there is no measurement. The targets we must be interested are outcomes and patient and staff experience, and move away from these headline grabbing sensational waiting targets.