Developing a new approach to palliative care funding

Based on a two year data collection from sites covering both adults’ and children’s services, NHS England has produced a development currency for palliative care which focuses on patient need. The aim of the work is to provide a transparent basis for palliative care commissioning.

In October 2014 the NHS England Pricing Team published the first draft of the palliative care currency for discussion. An open consultation was then held via the NHS England website, along with several regional events and webinars, to seek views on our initial proposals, to understand other issues that stakeholders felt might need to be considered or test, and to seek the further involvement of the sector with the ongoing development of the currency. A second draft of the currency was published in December 2014 for further written comment. This document has been updated following these written comments. It is the final development currency and will be used as the basis for further testing in 2015/16.

View a copy of the Developing a new approach to palliative care funding document.


  1. brazilian hammocks says:

    Sufficient palliative care programs should be present in more UK hospitals

  2. Dr G Goundry says:

    But not a single training post between London and the south coast. You cannot rely on sideways cover by GPs. There are not enough GPs to cover General Practice let alone palliative care as a sideline. This is too important to fail to train Consultants.

  3. Dr Gerald Morgans says:

    Having read the latest draft I am very concerned that the role of General Practitioners in Community care has been excluded from the research. A recent research paper indicated that the involvement of a General Practitioner in visiting a Palliative care patient at home was a key factor in maintaining the patient at home.
    From long experience although the District nurses provide the majority of Community services care it works far better when that District nurse is part of the extended Primary care team linked to the General Practitioner[s].
    I am involved in the Transforming Cancer and End of Life Project Dr G Morgans