New toolkit launched to help reduce poor in-patient care

A new toolkit is published today by NHS England to help commissioners reduce poor experience of in-patient care.

The toolkit has been co-designed with the help of a number of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) so it could be tested for its ease and usability.

Paul Jebb, Experience of Care Professional Lead at NHS England, explained: “Using feedback from patient surveys and the Friends and Family Test is key to driving improvement and also for services to meet the needs of those who use them, and their families, whether the feedback is positive or negative.

“Organisations need to ensure they are optimising the scale of feedback that they could receive and also using this, in connection with staff feedback, to highlight areas where improvement is needed, and also areas that others could learn from.

“Using feedback from patients, families and carers who have experienced care both as an in-patient and in a community setting is a key way of driving improvement.”

If you have any feedback on the toolkit, please send it to: