1. charles soper says:

    Dear Jane Cummings,

    Give widespread public and professional expressions of concern, does the RCN think that one trained nurse looking after 10-12 patients for a whole shift is ever acceptable in an acute medical or CoTE ward? If not, should this not be included with the recommendations for a clear and transparent minimum (including whether supervision should be counted or not)?

    I note the RCN’s report on nursing levels alluded to the State of California’s legally mandated trained nursing:patient ratios, and the evidence of an increased mortality in units with inadequate staff levels.

    Best wishes,

    Charles Soper

  2. Sean Miller says:

    Dear Jane
    Many thanks for your letter outlining your commitment to safer staffing in the NHS, however your letter does not mention support services such as estates and hotel services and how we are expected to maintain healthcare properties which are getting older and require more resources, funding and staffing to keep up with dilapidation when we are expected to maintain a sustainable 8% CIP each year.
    I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter.
    Sean Miller
    Estates Officer