NHS Innovation Accelerator programme launched

NHS England’s Chief Executive Simon Stevens and National Medical Director Sir Bruce Keogh have announced the successful applicants of the NHS Innovation Accelerator programme – a scheme to make evidenced healthcare innovations more widely available to patients.

Simon Stevens, NHS England’s Chief Executive, said: “There are, as I see it, two challenges for innovation: how to make signal out of noise and how to transition signal into behaviour change. We have high hopes on what this programme will deliver in helping us move towards the healthcare system of the future.”

Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS England’s Medical Director, said: “We have in this country a proud history of innovation and thriving science and medicine communities. There is the opportunity for us to become the fastest adopter of innovation in the world but there are barriers to this. Today marks the first step in understanding, with real clarity, what the blockers are so we can overcome them.”

Now read NHS England’s lead for the Innovation Accelerator programme, Dr Mahiben Maruthappu’s blog – The NHS in on the cusp of an innovation revolution.

Seventeen healthcare pioneers from the UK and abroad have been identified to receive national support to roll out their technologies, processes and models of care to patients, hospitals and GP practices throughout England.

The innovations will help to prevent diseases, speed up diagnosis, improve safety and efficiency of services and increase patient participation in decision making, self-management and research. This will lead to better health outcomes and a more sustainable NHS.


  1. H Turner says:

    I was really pleased to see an innovation by Peter Hames, Sleepio. This could be an absolute god send to people like myself with long term illness associated with chronic pain. How long have we been hoping for something like this and if it delivers what it says… Am praying for a trial in my geographical area.

  2. Stuart Dixon says:

    I am very pleased to see a central systems for patient record ownership has been selected. What happens now to all of the other such systems being developed – like the excellent patient portal being designed by KMPT?