Apply for a grant from NHS England to showcase your work

Has your community or voluntary group been working to involve patients and the public in improving health care services?

NHS England will be awarding a number of small grant awards to organisations who can tell the story of their patient and citizen involvement and engagement work in a creative and interesting way. Grants are available of up to £1,000 each.

The closing date to apply for funding is 12 noon on 28 September 2015.

To find out more, or make an application, please see the ‘Community grants’ page of the NHS England website.


  1. John Moorhouse says:

    We recently have been working with Prostate Cancer UK and Macmillan in providing counselling provision for those that have been diagnosed with cancer or family members affected by the diagnosis. This service was promoted within the local hospitals within the Greater Manchester area. Being diagnosed or living with a physical or mental health condition can be overwhelming for all. The strain on different relationships – like with a partner, family, friends or colleagues – can be huge, and it may take some for everyone involved to adjust and understand what’s happening. Relate GMN Counsellors can give them tie and space to explore their situation and help make sense of how things may change.

  2. Brian Tennant says:

    We are a volunteer group at our local hospital and for the past 2/3 years have been actively involved in ward surveys at night to see how best to reduce noise and improve our patient’s ability to sleep.
    We made a number of suggestions to improve the situation which have been adopted and led to a SLEEP WELL campaign.
    If this is the type of project which you are looking for we can put together the story .