We’re trying to change the relationship between practice and patient – Beverley Bryant at Expo

Patient access to records ignited a lively debate at the NHS England Expo conference today.

Beverly Bryant, NHS England’s Director of Digital told the audience patient experience had been improved over the past few years by being able to do more on line including booking appointments and patient access to records. And relationships with the GP community are an extremely important part of the process, she said.

“We are trying to fundamentally change the relationship between the practice and the patient themselves,” she said.

“We’ve been very pleased at the rate at which GPs have taken this up but actually not many patients are using it yet.”

The BMA, practice managers, GPs and patients were part of the debate.

Beverley said: “Are we moving fast enough for our patients, are we tip-toeing along to slowly or are we moving too fast and not bringing the GP community with us?”

The audience heard from patient Ingrid Brindle who said she had been able to access her full GP record since 2006. She said it had revolutionised her health care.

“The attention patients have can be low so when they come out of an appointment they might only retain 10%,” she said. ”That’s pretty low. I can go home, log on and read exactly what we’ve discussed what we’ve talked about. I can read all my consultants’ letters and I can read everything and make sure I understand and also I can make sure that it’s right.”