Star speakers lined up for Expo 2016

More than 5,500 delegates expected at Manchester Central for Sept 7 & 8.

An array of inspirational speakers is being lined up for Health and Care Innovation Expo 2016 – the most significant health and social care event of the year.

They will include NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens, the Director of New Care Models Samantha Jones, the Chief Nursing Officer for England, Jane Cummings, and NHS England’s National Medical Director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, as well as National Cancer Director Cally Palmer.

Other inspirational speakers will include Life Sciences Minister George Freeman,  Professor Bob Wachter, who is leading the national review on ‘Making IT work’, and National Data Guardian Fiona Caldicott.

The overarching theme for the event will be the Five Year Forward View and, as well as the two main stages, there will be four feature zones focussing on the key areas of digital health, the new care models at the vanguard of change and the NHS Right Care programme.

Delegates can now book their place at Expo 2016, with early-bird applicants able to secure a reduced-price ticket and guaranteed to be part of another stunning event – the third of its kind at the iconic Manchester Central venue.

Also taking centre stage will be NHS England’s chairman Professor Sir Malcolm Grant.

Sir Malcolm described Expo 2016 as an opportunity to “take the pulse of the health and social care system”, adding: “The sense of excitement and urgency at last year’s event means that I am already looking forward to our return to Manchester Central for Expo 2016. By then, we will be 18 months into implementing the ground breaking NHS Five Year Forward View, and we will be able to celebrate and share the NHS’s significant achievements, while collectively looking forward to the work still to do.”

With many more exciting and inspirational speakers to be announced over the next few months, the number of delegates this year is expected to top 5,500 – including leaders, innovators and key people from within the NHS and care services.


  1. Sukismum says:

    So engagement with citizen/patients completely disappeared now. No place for the hoipoli. Just a glorified jolie for bosses.

    They’ll be talking to themselves then with no patient leaders being involved and no engagement. This tells those of us engaged in NHS all we want to know when NHS England doesn’t want to know us. As Sir Malcolm Grant said, “One of the wonderful things about the NHS is that it is one of the most wonderful institutions in the world. But one of the problems is that it is an institution. We talk about coproduction.
    Our statutory obligation is to consult; well consult in many instances is telling people what we are going to do and then not listening and going ahead and doing it”.
    Perhaps you would like to review your own document – Changing the way we do business where it says, The documents above reinforce a long held view that the NHS belongs to the public. It has changed significantly over time and requires a refreshed way of thinking about how the public influences service delivery. With finite resources and increasing demand, NHS organisations must get stronger and better in the way that they engage citizens. The new language around culture change relates to co-design, co-production and co-delivery: in short, the NHS must operate with citizen engagement at the heart of its commissioning and provision of services.
    Do as I say not as I do then.

    I don’t suppose for one tiny minute anyone will read this let alone reply as you never do. But I will remember

    • Karen says:

      I read your comment and completely agree with you. I vote for patient voice at this conference too.